Saint-Sauveur-en-Rue, Ardèche.

Daniel Sage lives the north of the Ardèche. The winery is an old textile factory that has much beauty in its rusticity. Our visit there saw him waist deep in grapes bucketing grapes into an hundred year old basket press.

Everything here is done by hand and a tiny amount of wine is made. The wines have incredible cult status and are incredible experiences.

The reds are mostly gamay and the whites are made from viognier and some chardonnay, which he gets from the south of the Rhone Valley.

We are very grateful and lucky to be receiving an allocation of his wines. 



Cremation a L’Oseille 2014 –Chardonnay from the south of Ardèche. Direct pressed and aged in barrel.

La Voix du Periscope 2014 – 100% Viognier, a blend of direct pressed juice and 5 week macerated juice, blended into barrel.

Nyctalopie 2014 – Very light Gamay, short maceration time, elevage in tank and barrel.

Roue Libre 2014 – Medium bodied Gamay, 5 weeks on stems and skins and aged in barrel.

Abreuvez ses Sillon 2014 – The second expression of gamay with a maceration time of 5 weeks. Aged in barrel.